To Screw or NOT to Screw

That is the Question.

What’s all the Hoo Hah about screw caps? Oh sure, Back in "the day" a screw cap wine was conceived as cheap, but NOT anymore!  Some very reputable wine growing regions are almost now entirely CORK FREE, like New Zealand and Australia.


Listen, I'm the first to admit that the sexiness or ritual of popping a cork on a bottle of wine may be somewhat diminished with a screw cap, I get it.


However, that does not mean that you can’t get a great bottle of wine that has a screw cap or that you shouldn’t drink screw cap wine.  YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD.


David Milligan

    • Jun


    • WINE & VINYL - Wines around the WORLD

      That "Once-a-Month" record party is here, WINE & VINYL.  We've got hundreds of new records to share but this is also YOUR CHANCE to bring in the records you'd like to spin. Everyone takes turns playing songs around the bar. AND, if you bring in a record to play, you get a pour for a penny. I'll be pouring wines from Around the World, so a little of everything. Join us for a night of Vinyl - we're going to make records great again!

    • Jun


    • SONOMA & NAPA - Cab, Zin, Pinot & MORE

      These two regions are without a doubt, some of the best known in the World. Yes I'm pouring Cabernet, how could I not? Zinfandel you ask, You Bet! Pinot Noir? Absolutely. Chardonnay is a must. I'm pouring whatever I can get my hands on. It's Tuesday Night and I'm not going to let you down, not tonight, not EVER! ~David~

    • Jun


    • $1 Pours & MORE - Argentina, Australia & others

      Talk about the "A team", tonight will be the A team PLUS. We will be going south of the border and that means juicy reds and lush whites and with Dollar Pour Night, it's going to be a night of magic and fun. Join us and make it a great evening. Vendome, the BEST WINE BAR in LA!

    • Dec


    • Gift Basket Flip Book

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    • May


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    • Apr


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      Brewed by monks in, you guessed it, abbeys, sometimes for profit (Chimay, Rochefort, Westmalle, Orval, Achel), but other times just for the sustainment of the abbey (Westvleteren), these ales are the ‘holiest’ in Belgium. There are four styles commonly brewed from outside consumption: abbey single, dubbel, tripel, and quadrupel. Despite being named for the relative amounts of ...

    • Belgium Ales

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