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Guerrieri Gonzaga's Tenuta San Leonardo and Priccipipe Pallavicini are unique, each an example of the quality that is coming out from so many of the Italian regions.  Mention Tenuta San Leonardo to the Italian wine world and you begin to hear a rumble. Only a few wine connoisseurs outside of Italy are in the know, but things are changing.


Marchese Carlo Guerrieri  Gonzaga and his son Anselmo are the archeticts behind Tenuta San Leonardo in Trentino. The Bordeaux blends coming from their mountain vineyards are consistent in both their finesse and overall impact. These wines will change the minds of American wine lovers as their reputation grows.


Principe Pallavicini is another of Italy’s new guard.   The bright fruit of their Frascati Classico Superiore is a stunning white that will have you singing its praises all summer long with your prosciutto and melon.    


The 2012 Syrah, an IGT Lazio, is in a league of its own.  Syrah is a study in grace, structure and delicate balance.


These wines from Italy deserve your attention and I am proud to be bringing them to you!

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